Four 20-Somethings From Sydney Made P2 Masks Fashion To Raise Money For The RFS


If you live in Australia, you likely fall into one of three categories right now:

  • You live in a city or town that’s getting ravaged by uncontrollable bushfires.
  • You’re struggling to breathe through the thick cloud of smoke that’s decided to call NSW home indefinitely.
  • You’re not directly impacted by the bushfires but you’re not really sure what you can personally do to help.

Thankfully, the good people behind Smoggys are here to help with their adorable Australian-themed P2 masks to raise much-needed funds for the Rural Fire Service because “thoughts and prayers are not enough.”

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The P2 masks will protect you as much as possible from the toxic particles we’re all currently inhaling while showing your support for the people that are actively trying to fight the fires.

Not to mention, look how cute they are:

“We know, wearing P2 masks isn’t something Aussies are used to. But then again, we aren’t used to having our air quality compared to the folks in countries who need to wear them, either,” the GoFundMe says.

The team behind Smoggys raised a whopping $10,000 to get this project off the ground, and now they’re finally accepting pre-orders for their glorious designs.

With Melbourne now being overrun with the smoke that previously wreaked havoc on Sydney, these masks are needed as much as ever.

Featuring six adorable “distinctively Australian” designs including lamingtons, sausage sizzles and bin chickens, the P2 masks aim to raise much-needed funds for the firefighters that are saving our lives. But in addition to being a great fundraiser, the team behind Smoggys are just trying to bring a bit of positivity and colour into the otherwise dull situation.

“Just four 20-something-year-old kids living in Sydney keen to get Aussies protecting themselves and helping our firies,” their website so-humbly describes the founders.

Four kids doing more for the country than the Prime Minister? You truly do hate to see it.

You can pre-order your very own Smoggy here.