Here’s A Bunch Of Face Masks For The End Of Days, From Subtle To Full ‘Noxious Gas Chic’

If you’ve looked out the window in Sydney, or gone outside, or literally tried to anything that isn’t lie down and have a mild existential crisis about the fact that most of the state is on fire, then you’ll know it’s also really fucking hard to breathe out there. A lot of people are getting around with various kinds of face masks and pollution masks, but not every kind is going to protect your lungs.

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NSW Health issued a warning about the terrible levels of air quality at the moment, and for those who want to get around in a pollution mask so you can, y’know, breathe, they’re recommending P2 or N25 masks to stop all the incredibly small smoke particles getting into your lungs.

Nobody wants that.

Considering the smoke is currently the absolute worst it’s been so far in Sydney, setting off fire alarms across the city, reducing visibility to bugger-all, and the Air Quality Index numbers skyrocketing beyond hazardous levels (200 AQI) to genuinely apocalyptic heights (Sydney’s East is currently sitting on 2214 AQI), you’re going to need a pollution mask to be outside.

Don’t even bother with those thin masks your dentist wears, you’re going to need something a little more heavy-duty. If you’re not too keen on looking like a chippy on your walk to work, here are a bunch of pollution masks that are a bit chicer? I guess? Is style even important here when the alternative is huffing in lungfuls of smoke?

Jesus wept, I can’t believe I’m actually writing this.

If the smoke is going to be hanging around for a while, it’s very worth investing in a good-quality mask, or be the Nice One™ in your office and grab a 10 pack so everyone can nip down to the shops without feeling like they’ve huffed a deck of ciggies.

ProMesh P2 Face Mask – $78.75 12pk
smoke face mask
Cambridge Mask Co Pro Anti-Pollution N99 Mask – $44
Moldex Resp Disp masks – $99.99 10pk
3M P2 Disposable Dust Mask – $51.03 10pk
Vogmask Organic – $64.50
ProChoice Valved Respirators – $26.95 12pk
Airnium Urban Air Mask 2.0 – $101 + tax
MEO X Karen Walker – $85.50