The Qld Shooters Posted Now-Deleted Footage To YouTube Before They Were Killed By Police


The Queensland shooters who killed two police officers and one member of the public at a property in Wieambilla on Monday filmed and published a now-deleted video to YouTube after they shot police, before they were shot and killed themselves.

Crikey revealed on Friday that brothers Nathaniel and Gareth Train and Gareth’s wife Stacey Train filmed a video speaking to camera during the siege at Gareth and Stacey’s Wieambilla property.

Gareth and Stacey were the only two to appear in the video go by their middle names: Daniel and Jane. They said in the chilling footage they had just killed “devils” and “demons”.

“They came to kill us and we killed them. If you don’t defend yourself against these devils and demons you’re a coward,” Gareth said.

“We’ll see you when we get home. We’ll see you at home, Don, love you,” Stacey added.

YouTube channel “Mrs Yugi Girawil” was created in May 2022 and only had 10 videos, all of which were uploaded in the last month.

One video posted at 1.41pm on Monday, before the attack, was titled “Prepare for battle and be strangers on earth”. According to Crikey, it showed “apocalyptic graphics” with a female voice reading passages from a pseudo-Biblical book titled “2 Esdras”. The passages were about impending war and Judgment Day.

“For of a city there shall be 10 left, and two of the field, which shall hide themselves in the thick groves, and in the clefts of the rocks,” the voice said.

At about 4pm Monday, the offenders shot and killed constables Matthew Arnold, 26 and Rachel McCrow, 29 and 58-year-old neighbour Alan Dare after Queensland police officers were called to a house 300km west of Brisbane to investigate the case of missing NSW man, who was confirmed to be Nathaniel Train.

Police told Guardian Australia on earlier this week Gareth and Nathaniel wore camouflage gear and ambushed the police officers.

It was also revealed by Guardian Australia on Thursday Gareth and Nathaniel were sons of Ronald Train, a self-described “free evangelical” who created his own church because people who knew him said “no church would accept him”.

In the constitution for his Christian Independent Fellowship he wrote a lot of church rules around the roles of men and women in society that may have affected Gareth and Nathaniel’s views on women’s rights.

Ronald wrote marriage — only between a man and a woman — was “crucial” to God and society. He also said only men could be given leadership roles.

“We believe that whilst men and women are created equal in all respects, functionally the final role of leadership is given to the male. Accordingly, whilst women will be designated certain roles, share in the decision making of the Fellowship, appointment to the role of pastor, elder or deacon will never be entertained.”

It has also been revealed that Gareth’s wife Stacey was Nathaniel’s ex-wife. Stacey previously married Nathaniel when they were in their late teens in 1995. They had two children together but a few years after they were born, Stacey reportedly left Nathaniel to pursue a relationship with Gareth.

Gareth and Stacey bought the Wieambilla property together seven years ago.

Queensland Police also revealed on Tuesday afternoon Gareth Train was involved in the online conspiracy community, where he regularly posted about not trusting police and claimed the Port Arthur massacre was a false-flag operation aimed to “disarm” the Australian public.

He also posted warnings to people about police methods: “If you are a conservative, anti-vax, freedom lover, protester, common law, conspiracy talker, alternative news, independent critical thinker, truther, Christian, patriot etc etc expect a visit from these hammers,” he wrote.

Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said “a lot of ammunition and weaponry” was found on the Wieambilla property.

Nathaniel Train is a former school principal from NSW who had not been seen since December 2021 but had been contacting people via email.

He left Walgett Community College Primary School in October last year after suffering a massive heart attack while at work. Train then left the school and voiced concerns about how it was run. He emailed complaints to the NSW Ombudsman, One Nation MP Mark Latham and senior NSW Education Department chiefs earlier this year.

“He came to me with complaints about a lack of support from the Education Department and a lack of action,” Latham told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Tributes have flowed this week for the two young police officers killed on Monday.

A third officer received a bullet graze during the incident and the fourth officer escaped the property.

The crime scene is under investigation.

Commissioner Carroll said on Monday night the shooting was the largest loss of life the Queensland police force had experienced in one incident in recent times.

“While we are yet to learn the full extent of what has occurred today, we do know this event is extraordinarily distressing on many levels,” she said at a press conference.

Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers described the incident as an execution.

“Police were responding to a call for a service for a missing person, it was simply that … as soon as they entered the property they were inundated with gunfire and they never had a chance,” Leavers said.

“Two police officers were executed in cold blood.”

Police Minister Mark Ryan called the two police officers “heroes” and said “we will always remember their sacrifice and service of our community”.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk tweeted the incident was a “horrible tragedy”.

“Our police risk their lives every day to keep us safe. I know Queensland joins with me in expressing our shock and sadness,” she wrote.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese also tweeted it was a “heartbreaking day”.

On Wednesday night the Sydney Opera House and several other Australian landmarks were lit up blue to mourn the two police officers.