This App Syncs You & Yr Mates’ Schedules, So It Won’t Take 85 Centuries To Organise A Gals Trip

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C’mon, we all have that ONE friend, or better yet, a whole fkn group of ’em, that is the absolute worst to make plans with.

Between all your social schedules literally never lining up to waiting 17 business weeks for ~that~ one person to respond to the group chat, it’s fucking nightmare fuel trying to organise anything as an adult…until now.

Crcle, the next best thing to happen to adult friendships, is a fully kitted out app that helps you cross the barrier between saying, “OMG yes, bestie, let’s go on that gals trip!!!!!” and actually making shit happen because we all know that less than 50% of plans actually ever make it out of the group chat.

So, how does one app manage to do the Lord’s work? Well, first things first, it features a shared calendar app function that syncs your mates’ schedules and coordinates a neato time that everyone is free (without your group of mates all having to slog back and forth through it for weeks.

shared calendar app, crcle

Outside of this, it also has a massive directory full of the best venues in town (or wherever you wanna take your next group trip), so that way, when you’re deciding the date, you can also lock in a place, too because those crusty dusty “where are we meeting?” texts the hour beforehand can stay in 2022, thank you very much.

To help customise each event for its recipients, the app features a cool poll feature to vote on a time/place. You can use the chat feature in the dedicated event to keep the pre-meet-up banter alive/all details in one place, too — fkn epic.

To make its launch deal even sweeter and give you another excuse to get the gang together for summer, the legends at Crcle wanna sling ya some big cash money to throw a get-together.

Whether you’re planning a weekend away with your close mates, having a 21st birthday, or a high school reunion, you just need to create the event in the app, share the link with whoever you want to invite, and Crcle will give you $1 for every person who clicks attending.

50-person birthday? $50. 100-person party? $100. 500-person DIY bush doof? $500. Keep it for yourself, or chuck it on the bar tab – either way, you get it for practically doing nothing and who’s silly enough to say no to that?

Got a party coming up? Or wanna plan one so you can be cashed up? Submit your deets here to get your event sponsored. Oh, and don’t forget to download the shared calendar app here, stat.