4,000+ Women Have Made Sexual Assault Allegations Against Male Students From Schools Across NSW

Chanel Contos Sexual Assault

Chanel Contos, creator of the petition to have consent and rape culture integrated into sexual education earlier in schools has created an official website for her cause. Alongside the 21,500 signatories (and counting) that she has received so far, she also says that the 2,000 testimonies of claimed sexual assault that she received in February has now doubled to around 4,000, as more and more girls (some as young as 13) have come forward.

On Contos’ website, you can sign the petition for sexual education to be brought to schools earlier, email your old school or your MP, and add a personal testimony of assault. You can also read through over 1,500 testimonies, which detail claims of assault at the hands of male students (mostly from all-boys schools.)

“1500 is the amount of testimonies that have been reviewed,” wrote Contos on her Instagram.

“The 4000 will be shown privately to MPs and school principals, and uploaded over time.”

What started as a project to reveal how many young women in Sydney claim to have experienced sexual assault at the hands of men from all-boys schools has become an incredible push to make a long-overdue change to the very curriculum that young people are taught at school.

Contos’ mission is to overhaul sexual education in schools across the entirety of Australia, and is asking that the curriculum include a varying range of topics such as sexual coercion, victim-blaming, toxic masculinity, slut-shaming, rape culture, female pleasure and queer sex.

“Those who have signed this petition have done so because they are sad and angry that they did not receive adequate education regarding what amounts to sexual assault and what to do when it happens,” Contos writes on her website.

“These are uncomfortable conversations to have with young teenagers but it is far more uncomfortable to live knowing that something happened to you, or a friend, or perhaps that you were even the perpetrator of it, and it could have been avoided.”

All 4,000 testimonies and 21,500 signatories will be presented to MPs across the country to advocate for greater sex ed at an earlier age across Australia.

You can visit the website HERE.

Help is available.

If you require immediate assistance, please call 000.

If you’d like to speak to someone about sexual violence, please call the 1800 Respect hotline on 1800 737 732 or chat online

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