Second Patient Dies After Plastic Surgery From Popular Sydney Doctor

A second man has died within the space of four months shortly after receiving plastic surgery from popular Eastern Sydney surgeon Dr William Mooney.

24-year-old Pouya Pouladian passed away on Saturday after his family decided to turn off his life support as he lay in a coma, allegedly a result of an operation to alleviate sleep apnea under Dr Mooney, which went awry.

Pouladian, who was training to be a commercial pilot and worked two jobs, had successfully crowdfunded $6000 for the surgery to help his breathing issues and allow him to properly sleep at night.

His family tell the SMH that after what was supposed to be a routine operation on Februrary 15, Pouladian began to vomit blood. After being taken to hospital emergency doctors allegedly discovered that an artery had been nicked during Mooney’s surgery and despite intensive care Pouladian slipt into a coma and suffered a cardiac arrest.

Dr Mooney (via his website).

This is the second patient of Dr Mooney’s to pass away after going under the knife, with underworld and bikie figure Alex “Little Al” Taouil also having his life support turned off last December. The 41-year-old was in a coma after complications arose, also during nose surgery.

Dr Mooney is based in Bondi and claims to specialise “in some of the most complicated and intricate forms of nose job surgery“.

The SMH also reports that he “has unspecified conditions placed on his practising certificate” which whilst unavailable publically “may relate to the practitioner’s health or personal circumstances”. Both incidences have been referred to the NSW Coroner.