Kendall Jenner Reportedly Hospitalised After Beauty Therapy Goes Wrong

So there’s this newish trend people with way too much money are into at the mo, and it involves sticking an IV in your arm and allowing some sort of vitamin cocktail to hit your bloodstream and give you good skin or some shit and oh look, like all fitness/health trends that pop out of nowhere, it’s probbo.

This is something your mate Kendall Jenner just discovered, with reports circulating that she was hospitalised on the weekend after one of these needly treatments left her feeling not so shithot.

The Blast is reporting that Kendall had to check into a Beverly Hills medical centre on Sunday, just prior to rocking up to the Vanity Fair Oscars After Party, due to having a bad reaction to a vitamin drip treatment she received earlier. 

Doctors point out the issue with this fad technique is whilst injecting vitamins directly into your bloodstream does allow them to be absorbed faster leading to more concentrated impacts, they also bypass all the digestive organs which have built in filters and whatnot to ensure everything ends up where it’s supposed to.

By circumnavigating these checkpoints you open your body up to the possibility of allergic reactions or even overdosing on stuff that’s SUPPOSED to be good for you.

Appaz Kendall only stuck around for a smidge to get a bit of a fix up, before heading off to the VF party, and honestly she did look fucking amazing so we guess it all worked out in the end.

(Photo: J. Merritt/Getty Images)