While Many Australians Couldn’t See Their Dads On Father’s Day, ScoMo Was Granted An Exemption

Scott Morrison

Well, well, well: it looks like old mate Scott Morrison was granted a travel exemption to celebrate Father’s Day with his kids – meanwhile, everyone else in lockdown hasn’t been so lucky.

Yep, the Prime Minister of Australia, the same one who bungled the vaccine rollout arguably leading to the lockdowns happening all over the country right now, travelled on a VIP flight to Sydney on Saturday night and returned on Monday morning .

According to News.com.au, Scott Morrison was planning on relocating to Sydney after seven weeks away from his family in Canberra. Those plans were put on hold when he needed to return to Parliament House to ahhhh, you know… do his job.

So poor old Scotty was missing his kids, like many Australians separated from their families right now mind you, and took a ‘lil tax-payer funded trip to Sydney (aka a COVID hot spot).

It’s a MASSIVE kick in the teeth for many Aussies who have been barred from interstate travel by the very government who is doing it themselves.

“My parents weren’t allowed to come to Canberra for our daughter’s birthdays when the ACT had zero cases,” Greg Jericho, columnist for The Guardian, wrote on Twitter


This is the same government that wouldn’t initially let the Biloela family see their sick daughter in hospital, the same government that won’t allow travel exemptions for people to see their dying family and the same government that wouldn’t let Johnny Depp‘s fucking dogs into the country.

The hypocrisy!!!

Now the usual protocol for someone travelling from Sydney to Canberra is to quarantine for 14 days, but instead Scott Morrison was granted a Level 3 stay-at-home order by ACT Health, which requires frequent testing and not much movement.

News.com.au reports that similar exemptions have been granted to Josh Frydenberg to travel from Victoria to Canberra for the budget preparations and Barnaby Joyce to also enter the ACT.

But neither of those were recreational matters. So this Morrison exemption just feels super out of line… even for the Liberal party.