Scott Marsh Says The Street Art Scene In Melbourne Thrashes Sydney & No Surprises There

Scott Marsh

Here it is lads and gentlettes, episode 6 of the PEDESTRIAN.TV X Platypus Shoes podcast, Sneak Up.

If you hail from Melbs, or Sydney, or quite literally any city/town/alleyway in the world, you’ve undoubtedly come across more graffiti than you know what to do with. Sometimes it’s as simple as a tag, other times it looks like it took the artist 12 years to create and it makes you question what you’ve done in your own life that’s of any worth. Graffiti, causing life crises since the stone age. Probably.

This week, we speak to graffiti artist Scott Marsh, the man behind some truly iconic street art like Kanye Loves Kanye, to chat about the cultural impact street art has on Australia and the rest of the globe.

Scott also explains the motivation behind his more politically-heavy work (*cough* Sydney lock-out laws *cough*) and what he thinks of graffiti being used to sell products or brands.

There’s a lot to unpack in this episode, including how Scott felt after his St George painting was vandalised as well as what city he reckons has the livelier street art scene (Melbs, obvi) – it’s bloody fascinating and Scott’s answers might not be what you expect. Or maybe you do expect them, who knows I dunno what you’re about.

While you’re at it, you can catch up on the last five episodes of Sneak Up basically anywhere you listen to poddies. From the state of live music to clothing brands with a cause, you’re bound to stumble across something that piques your interest.

Get involved you lot.