Scott Marsh has unveiled his latest masterpiece in Sydney’s Chippendale, this time chiming in on the recent controversy surrounding Alan Jones‘ vile rant against New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The artist took to Instagram today to reveal the mural, located on the corner of Wellington and Regent St, depicting Jones aptly sporting a pink suit and ball gag.

“Beats a sock,” he captioned the post, alongside the hashtag “#wouldntitbenice”.

In case you missed it, all of this sock talk refers to comments made by Jones – AKA. miserable excuse for a human being – on his 2GB show, after he pondered whether Scott Morrison should “shove a sock down [Ardern’s] throat”. This is in response to Ardern previously stating that Australia “has to answer to the rest of the Pacific” on emissions inaction.

“I just wonder whether Scott Morrison is going to be fully briefed to shove a sock down her throat.”

“She is a joke, this woman, an absolute and utter lightweight.”

“These people are an absolute joke and Jacinda Ardern is the biggest joke.”

*Major facepalm*

You might recognise Scottie’s fucking immaculate work by now – Jones joins an infamous list of clowns who’ve been hung out to dry by the artist, including Tony Abbott and Israel Folau.

Sydney-folk: let’s all head down to Chippendale over the next couple days with a pair of dirty socks for Jones. Art imitates life, after all.

Image: Instagram / @scottie.marsh