Scott Ludlam’s Shock Resignation Has Sent The Internet Into Deep Mourning

The shocking news that Greens senator Scott Ludlam has resigned after discovering his dual NZ citizenship has been met with, well, shock. 
In the nearly ten years that Ludlam has served in Federal Parliament, we’ve come to know him as the Only Good One – a bloke capable of showing actual activism in a stifling bureaucracy, someone who wasn’t afraid to take the piss out of his blithering opposition or to talk about his mental health struggles in a way that helped de-stigmatise the issue, and probably the only person in Parliament we could trust to engage with the politics of the Internet. Also he had a great relationship with his really excellent hair.
So it makes sense that a significant portion of progressive Australia is in dazed mourning, with reactions spanning the full seven stages of grief.

There’s also the very salient point being raised about the citizenship status of several other high-profile pollies:

We’re all going to miss you, your sass, and your wonderful hair very much, Hot Scott Ludlam. Please get into talks with Hollywood about a biopic starring Adam Scott immediately, thank you. 

Image: Stefan Postles / Getty.