Scott Ludlam Returns To Senate After 3-Month Leave For Depression & Anxiety

There is little doubt that Scott Ludlam, the Western Australian co-deputy leader of The Greens, is one of the few true blue legends roaming the halls of Parliament House

With his killer social media presence, beautiful smile, and great values, he has been sorely missed ever since he announced that he was taking time off to treat depression and anxiety in November last year.
(You’ve got to hand it to the bloke – being that frank and open about your mental illness, esp. on such a public platform, takes a lot of courage). 
We needn’t despair any longer, though, for Scotty is returning to work – and thank Christ for that. 
Ludlam told Buzzfeed that he will be back in Canberra for the first parliamentary sitting session in Feb, although he quietly returned to work earlier this week. He officially announced the news today via Facebook, and he is, in truly adorable Ludlam fashion, very grateful for all the love. 
How we’ve missed you, Scotto. We need you (and your memes) now more than ever. 
Source: Buzzfeed.
Photo: Scott Ludlam / Facebook.