Given the fact that we are living in a truly chaotic world full of million-dollar shit-holes, Parliament sexual assault allegations, vaccine bungles and tragedies in Palestine/Myanmar/ Everywhere, it’s easy to see how the conversation around climate change has pretty much faded into the background. Now, with the country (kind of) getting back to normal, the regular climate-related existential dread that we all pushed to the back of our minds is back, and so is the School Strike 4 Climate.

If you’re wondering why it feels like it’s been forever since the last School Strike 4 Climate, it’s because it has been – the last one was in 2019. Which, in pandemic years, is like 5 decades ago.

Since the Budget just casually forgot climate change and barely even mentioned a plan to prevent the escalating climate crisis, the School Strike 4 Climate is a welcome sight for my sore, barely-holding-on eyes.

The strike is going to be held on the 21st of May all over Australia – so prep your spiciest signs calling out Scott Morrison, because it’s going to be a big one.

For those of you non-students suffering from climate dread, you can and should strike too – us worker bees have the strongest sway in an economy dependant on us. The Not Business as Usual alliance just re-launched to get everyone, not just kids, striking for climate action, and they’ve already got over 257+ businesses signed up, including faves like Canva, Who Gives a Crap and Patagonia.

Here’s a list of all the main School Strike 4 Climate locations:

Sydney: 12pm at Town Hall

Melbourne: 1pm Treasury Gardens

Brisbane: 1pm at King George Square

Adelaide: 11.30am at Victoria Square

Darwin: 1pm at the Parliament House

Perth: 12pm at Sterling Gardens

Canberra: 11am at Glebe Park

Hobart: 12pm at Parliament Lawns

Get those signs ready, and we’ll see ya there!

Image: Getty Images / Jenny Evans