Sam Simmons Begins Filming US TV Pilot

Strong-facial hair wearing fellow and expert quiz master of Triple J‘s infamous Shitty Trivia, Sam Simmons is set to become Australia’s next Rebel Wilson as he takes on the US market, because Australian comedians can’t be successful until our OS brethren pass their approval (CC: Rove, Toni Collette, Jim Jefferies).

After killing it on Conan O’Brien this week in an ambitious set comprised of drawings of “Wookie Goldberg” (exactly like it sounds), a FridgeCat and a audience participation sketch which had an oblivious crowd member truly questioning what the hell is wrong with Australians, Sam Simmons has reportedly told that his North American debut may not be an isolated performance, Conan said he’d love to have me back. He was just so supportive of having something different on the show.”

Simmons told about his decision to move from Radelaide to L.A (other than getting hitched in Vegas to an audience gathered via a live feed) “I came over here because I felt I’d exhausted a lot of stuff in
Australia because a lot of people just think I’m a weirdo back in
Australia…I love it back at home but if you’re a
bit different your opportunities are a bit limited, whereas over here
uniqueness is kind of embraced a bit more which I just didn’t expect.”

Weirdo you may be, Sam Simmons, but an exquisite weirdo nonetheless. Most importantly, however is the (disappointingly vague) mention of a Sam Simmons TV show, with a pilot reportedly being filmed this week in Albuquerque (a Sam Simmons version of Breaking Bad...?) Simmons described it as “a reality show about animals” which sounds excellent; fingers crossed his foray into US television doesn’t meet the scathing wrath of critics like Rebel Wilson’s Super Fun Night already has, only four episodes into its run.

Watch Sam Simmons’ performance on Conan below, with Conan’s accurate response at the end of his set being: “You’re a very strange fellow.”