WATCH: Cow, Sick Of Everyone’s Shit, Goes For A Trot Outside WA Parliament

The dirty secret about the bulk of political photo ops is that they universally suck: They’re long, awkward, and you gotta stand and smile next to some schmuck who you wouldn’t ordinarily piss on if they were on fire. To that end, allow us to introduce you to Winston: A steer, ostensibly, and also your new hero.

For reasons that should be baffling to most normal people, R U OK Day and the Perth Royal Show partnered up and promoted both their causes outside of Western Australian State Parliament earlier today by… y’know… bringing two cows to hang out in front of cameras.

Despite the fact that putting animals in stressful, camera-filled situations has never gone wrong once in the history of mankind, chaos erupted when Winston decided to file a motion of “fuck this” and broke free from his handler’s grasp, galloping joyously towards freedom/some lovely looking parkland way the hell away from parliament house.

Far beyond geese, this then lead handler Peter Milton, dressed in his Sunday best, on a wild bull chase until Winston was able to be contained, much to the poor animal’s audible chagrin, sadly.

The good news is that Winston’s got a long career of public appearances ahead of him, and he – along with the significantly calmer Clementine, also present today – are expected to raise some $15,000 for the Black Dog Ride charity initiative.

Still, if the cattle can’t be swayed by the suits in parliament house, what hope do they have with the rest of us?

Run, Winston. Run and be free.

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