Sky News Host Ross Cameron Axed After One Insanely Racist Comment Too Many

Ross Cameron, the host of Sky News Australia’s Outsiders programme, has been sacked after voicing racist comments on a Tuesday’s episode of the current affairs show.

In a statement, the network’s chief executive Paul Whittaker today said he advised the former Liberal Party MP that his contract with Sky News has been terminated.

Whittaker also apologised for airing Cameron’s comments in the first place.

Cameron voiced bigoted comments against Chinese people on the show.

Those statements drew a significant backlash from viewers, some of whom called on advertisers to drop their support for the network after his racist outburst.

It is not the first time Cameron has voiced plainly racist views. In 2017, Cameron voiced similar viewpoints at a meeting of conservative group The Q Society.

Cameron had hosted the programme since 2016, and has featured as a regular contributor on the network since 2013.

Good riddance.