In incredibly important animal news today: this raccoon has made it to the roof of a 25-storey skyscraper in St Paul, Minnesota at about 2.50am local time, after being stuck on the side of the building for about 17 hours.

Twitter has been closely following the plight of the li’l’ guy the entire time – posting updates about his direction of travel up and down the UBS building and heaps of shots of him luxuriating on ledges.

He was stranded on the ledge of the Town Square office building for two days without food or water before he began his King Kong-style skyscraper scale, with building management helping him out of his initial predicament.

But then all he did was set his sights on another building, climbing 23 storeys to more than 200 feet above street level, and taking a rest. As night began to fall, the raccoon started to descend the building slowly, before moving literally around it, and then climbing up again.

There’s a lot of directions here, it may seem dry – but what we’re saying, in short, is that a raccoon climbed up and down a skyscraper, one floor at a time, for hours and hours and hours today, and the internet has been watching along at home with bated breath.

If you’re wondering how he could be up there so long without someone coming to his rescue: the windows to the building don’t open, so he couldn’t be rescued that way, but animal control placed a live trap on the roof with aromatic food, for when our racc bro finally completed his ascent.

A Minnesota Public Radio News reporter, Tim Nelson, who has been following the action from the get-go wrote that he had spoken to wildlife experts, who advised that getting close to the raccoon could “invite attack or prompt it to leap or fall from the ledge“. Fire officials also told him that they “can’t in good conscience risk putting a firefighter over the side of a building for a raccooon“.

The takeaway here is that we have a new internet-famous animal bud: he’s even scored himself his own Twitter, @TheStPaulRacco1, as voiced by musician Matthew VinGe.

And that Twitter got very invested and emotional about our new friend and his scary af adventure today:

We’re feeling incredibly relieved rn, hbu?

Image: Twitter / @efrostee