Quote Of The Week

Why the long face Sarah Jessica Parker?

The Quote of the Week (this won’t be a regular segment on Pedestrian but we couldn’t really pass up this gem from British stalwart Vivienne Westwood):

“I thought ‘Sex and the City’ was supposed to be about cutting-edge fashion and there was nothing remotely memorable or interesting about what I saw. I went to the premiere and left after ten minutes.”

This is after Sarah Jessica Parker threw down quotes like “The movie doesn’t disappoint! It certainly doesn’t disappoint in fashion.” and “Sex and the City’ is famed as much for its fashion as its racy storylines.”

I applaud Vivienne Westwood for speaking out against the melodramatic sheen-fest that was SATC the movie. She’s 67 years old and still way more punk then any douche bag sporting a Mohawk.