Cat Thrown At Vivienne Westwood

I don’t know if I’ll ever write a title as ridiculous or self explanatory as “Cat Thrown At Vivienne Westwood” but basically a cat was thrown at Vivienne Westwood. More specifically a plush toy cat was thrown at Vivienne Westwood during the finale of her recent Paris Fashion Week show.

Thanks to the internet there’s some fleeting footage of the feline ninja attack above. Notice how with Jedi intuition and catlike reflexes (ha!), Westwood turns a potentially embarrassing situation into an endearing mishap. It takes skill and grace to dodge a flying cat like that but when the below pop culture icons were faced with their own flying objects, they didn’t fare so well.

DARIA: Daria Morgendorffer was the animation world’s Holden Caulfield. A cerebral outcast whose pessimistic world view bred a dislike for sport, phonies and stray volleyballs. The latter however, was probably due to Daria’s apathy not her poor hand eye co-ordination and slow reflexes.

AUSTIN POWERS: Who would post this video, honestly.

GEORGE BUSH: Apparently shoe-throwing happens in real life too?

AKON: Two laws of the Universe you need to commit to memory. 1) If you throw something at Akon’s face Akon is allowed to call you out, manhandle you on stage then throw you at other people’s faces. 2) White men can’t jump unless propelled by stronger angry black men.

DAPHNE AND CELESTE AT READING 2000: I really hope this wasn’t an isolated incident.

INTERNET MEMES: Most sport-related memes involve someone getting hit by a ball. To ensure meme status, only head-shots or crotch-shots need apply.

Unfortunately we can’t all be this guy…

Or this guy…

Or these guys…