If You Need A Distraction Today, Try & Figure Out WTF’s Happening With The Queen’s Hands Here

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news here, but I must insist you look at the Queen’s hands. They appear to have been photoshopped. Badly. Why remains a mystery, but the what is very evident – as in, what the shit is going on here.

Let’s back it up for a minute. The Royal Family released a new photo of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip to mark the latter’s 99th birthday.

Here it is. Prince Philip looking normal as ever.

When the people want photographic proof you’re definitely not dead. Photo: Press Association.

People on Twitter were quick to point out that it looks like something strange is going on with Lizzie’s hands. They look out of place. Their edges are sharp. Probably a photographer could tell you something about the light and how it’s hitting from a different angle, but I do not have a photographer’s eye and simply cannot.

Still. I think we can all agree something fucked up is going on here.


The Queen – who is 94 and still kicking it – and the Duke of Edinburgh, 99, had their picture taken on June 1 in the quadrangle of Windsor Castle, where they have been holed up since the start of lockdown. This means whoever took the pics (they’re credited to the Press Association) had maybe a week to fix whatever is going on here with the hands.

(You might say the photographer had their work cut out for them by ensuring Prince Philip looked as close to alive as possible, but we couldn’t possibly comment.)

Fortunately, we’re not the only ones to notice this bizarre new look.


Were I royalty and blessing my subjects with a photo to celebrate my own birthday, I would simply ask the photographer to do a better job. But to each their own.