QLD Genius Blows Up Own House Trying To Murder A Cockroach Via Flamethrower

A Queensland bloke has taken the whole “burn it with fire” expression a bit too literally this week, attempting to combat a couple of harmless cockroaches in his kitchen by sacrificing them to the gods via flamethrower and instead blowing up his fucking house.

Assumedly because using bug spray as advised, or fuck, even the whole “hitting them with literally any physical object” approach was too much of a task for him, this Mt Isa battler reportedly set his insect spray can alight, much like you did with your Lynx Africa can in year 8 P.E, to disastrous effect.

The makeshift flamethrower of course, did exactly what the warning on the tin says it would if exposed to naked flame, and blew the fuck up, causing windows to shatter and the literal walls of the kitchen to blow out.

No, like an ACTUAL explosion you guys. (Pic: ABC News/Andrew Saunders)

The supreme genius was the only person injured, suffering wounds to his face and hands from the can’s metal shrapnel, with QLD police telling the ABC it was lucky others were not present:

My understanding is the other people in the house were in their bedrooms at the time. It didn’t travel very far, but it was a very vicious explosion in the area where it was.

Old mate has since returned from the hospital with several stitches. There is no information on the health of the cockroaches.