Folks, you simply love to see it – a pyrotechnic flamethrower exploded before Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts took to the ground in Nashville today, resulting in a pretty solid fire on the side of the ground.

You know the ones, the big machines and spew out giant flames as the players run out onto the field, momentarily turning their entrance into some slightly out-of-place Mad Max fever dream.

Yeah, imagine one of those just bursting into flames, spitting fire sideways across the grass instead of into the air. Looked a bit like this:

Hmm yep, definitely a bit of a blaze going on there.

It’s quite fitting that a flamethrower’s huge fire lit up the turf at the Titans’ home ground, considering their logo literally has a giant T on fire.

Tennessee Titans flamethrower stadium fire
Yee fuckin’ haw.

Credit where credit’s due, the team at the Nissan Stadium got on top of the fire pretty much as soon as it erupted, tackling the flamethrower with fire extinguishers, allowing the game to go ahead without any delays. There have also been no reported injuries, which is almost a miracle, really.

Not deterred by the one (1) flamethrower that decided to tip over and explode, the Titans still ran out to the remaining pyrotechnics, which is pretty brave on their part. I dunno, I don’t think I’d want to run out amongst a bunch of flamethrowers that could turn on me at any given moment.

But if anything, the whole flamethrower ordeal delivered some bloody stellar content on the NFL Red Zone megawall.

God, I just love that grab so much. Imagine switching on the tv and seeing that with zero context and just being like “ahh, I’m not sure if that’s meant to be there?”

It’s just like football, football, football, football, a blazing flamethrower, football, football. Normal stuff, very regular and normal viewing.

A Bung Flamethrower Casually Lit Part Of An NFL Stadium On Fire Prior To A Game Today

Despite the borked flamethrower literally torching up their home ground before the game, the Titans went on to fall to the Colts 17-19.

That, you truly hate to see.

Image: Getty Images / Wesley Hitt