A Qld Family Is In Distress After Kids Kidnapped Their Cat & Posted The Awful Video On TikTok

screenshots of a tiktok video which shows teens stealing a ginger cat named garfield in queensland

A Queensland family is devastated after their cat was kidnapped from out the front of their house by some random kids looking for a laugh. What the actual F?

7News shared a TikTok video of people who appear to be teenagers making a grab for Garfield, a 12-year-old ginger kitty, from his house in Healthwood, Logan on Tuesday or Wednesday last week.

Being a gentle thing, Garfield didn’t struggle too violently, so the person who nabbed him was able to roughly shove him into the boot of a car.

Be warned, the video is fucking heart-breaking — Garfield clearly appears terrified as he tries to wriggle away from the grasp of his captors while they laugh and hold him down.

“You’ve gotta squish it!” one of the kidnappers can be heard saying amongst fits of giggles as they try to trap the increasingly frantic cat in the car.

Another can be heard shouting: “Ew, it’s so ugly!”

It’s truly sickening: in what world is terrifying a sweet creature like that funny? If this was my cat I would be going on a hunt Taken style. The jail time would be worth it.

The video, which appears to have been removed from TikTok, was captioned: “Better hide your cats… back at it again.”

7News shared another video allegedly from the same account which showed the teens stealing another friendly pet cat earlier in the week, captioned: “Fuck I love kidnapping cats.”

Garfield’s mum Steph Sione appeared on 7News and tearfully pleaded for her baby to be returned home.

“The look on his face … I just want him home. Please,” she said.

“He’s probably scared shitless.

“It was heartbreaking. That’s my baby,” she added.

“He didn’t do anything to be manhandled the way he was.”

Garfield is yet to be found, and it’s unclear where the TikTokers are keeping him — but local police are on the case, so hopefully he’s returned to his mama safe and sound.