7 People Injured After Qantas Flight Hit Major Turbulence & That’s It I’m Walking Everywhere

qantas flight major turbulence brisbane

Two people are in hospital and five others are injured after a Qantas flight hit a patch of sudden turbulence minutes after takeoff.

Per news.com.au, the QantasLink flight bound for Hervey Bay was forced to turn around and return to Brisbane airport shortly after 2pm on Wednesday after passengers and cabin crew were injured in the significant turbulence. A passenger and a flight attendant were taken to hospital while everyone else was treated by medical staff at the airport.

A spokesperson for Qantas told news.com.au the plane landed normally back in Brisbane and was met with emergency services to help those injured onboard. It’s reported that the hospitalised cabin crew member was treated for neck injuries. The passenger suffered cuts and bruising.

“Cabin crew helped attend to customers in the air and once the aircraft landed on the ground,” the spokesperson said.

Initial investigations reportedly suggest that the injured customers were not wearing seatbelts when the plane hit the patch of turbulence.

Those who were safe (and brave enough) to travel after the cursed flight were put on another plane out to Hervey Bay later that evening.

I dunno, if it was me I’d rather walk after a morning like that. Absolutely would not be getting on another tiny plane to try and make the same trip again in under 24 hours, no matter how much I’d be telling myself turbulence is like we’re wobbling in a bowl of jelly.

Who knows what we’ve done to upset the Sky Gods but there are truly so many nightmare fuel flight stories happening this year. Like that week last month when seven flights had turnarounds or forced landings? What is going on?

Can this year please cut it out with these terror-sweat-inducing travel experiences, please? Just let us go on our silly little holidays in peace.