The thirst quenching festivities of our Lipton Ice Tea Summer Exhibition Tour hits Melbourne tomorrow with help from Sydney party starters Purple Sneakers DJs. One half of which, Martin Novosel, wants to get you in the mood, Melbourne, with an informative summer guide to party jams, parties and general summer activities as well as this exclusive download of their drumline inspired remix of ‘Drums’ by Oh Mercy.

What constitutes a summer jam?
We prefer to call it preserve or marmalade where I’m from but anyway… In order to get the perfect summer jam you’re really gonna need to pick a summer fruit. Strawberries tend to work. Always make sure to wash the jars you’re going to use thoroughly before use and remember to add the juice from half a lemon, It’ll act as your preserving agent.

What are your three ultimate summer party jams? We’re talking old school right??? Everyone’s summer jams are gonna vary. And it’s always going to be reflective of what experience you had when these songs were playing. Sucks to be anyone who jammed to “I Got A Feeling”… For me…

Golden Years – David Bowie – a guitar line to rival all guitar lines and some of the best lyrics in a pop song ever written make me wanna summer moonlight jive dancing on a rooftop with my baby.

In My Arms – Mylo – hopefully people haven’t forgotten how important this guy was to dance music. This song reminds me of youthful times and extreme intoxication as well as getting owned by the suns harmful UV rays and waking up like a lobster man the next day.

Hearts On Fire – Cut Copy – Once again, this is a memory I probably won’t forget. I was on cockatoo island for a Modular party and just as the sun was setting these guys ripped out this spectacular jam.

What are three essential ingredients for a good summer party?
Booze, babez, budz and bunez (couldn’t find a word for tunes that starts with a B). 

What are your favourite things to do in Sydney during the summer?
Sneaking the moonlight cinema at Lady Macquarie’s Chair free by sitting on the rock behind. Riding bicycles, and Zooper Doopers bro!!! Oh and Sherbet wuuuttt.

What is the best party in the world?
OppiKoppi festival in the middle of the South African bush. Remote. Party. Words can’t really describe it. There isn’t anything else like it in the world. Played there last 3 years in a row. This video gives you a tiny idea of its awesomeness…

What did you wish you knew about throwing parties back then that you know now?
More smoke machines. ALWAYS more smoke machines.

What is the craziest club/party/festival scene team Purple Sneakers have ever witnessed? 
Dooood… We’ve done some pretty wrong house parties in our time. Also Oppikoppi smashes it. Had a MASSIVE time there this year playing right before Diplo. Rafting on a sea of people on a blow up rubber dingy is always rad. And not much beats the old Purple Sneakers parties we used to throw at The Abercrombie. People climbing walls. And once all is said and done the inside of my eyelids is always a good party too…

To party with Purple Sneakers tell us your essential ingredients for a carefree summer. Once
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