Modular Signs Jonathan Boulet

Jonathon Boulet sounds like the name of a 70’s porn star or at the very least, the name of a man with a formidable moustache. As far as we can tell Jonathon Boulet, the latest signing to Modular Records, is neither a porn star or the owner of ‘tache but we’ll let it slide – he did after all, write the Summer jam of the year.

Imagine for a moment that every Summer Jam Of The Year contender had an epic BBQ/Pool Party in the Garden of Eden. Animal Collective, Washed Up and Girls would be sipping lemonade in one corner while Bag Raiders, Holy Ghost! and Classixx played Frisbee on a sea of rose petals. Phoenix would be in the pool trying to get a tan.

Anyway, if the criteria for Summer Jam Of The Year was a stupidly vague scale measuring each song’s Embodiment of “Sunshine”, Good Vibes Ratio, Slow Dance Capabilities, Proficiency In Soundtracking A Chill House Party and Beachy-ness – Jonathon Boulet’s “A Community Service Announcement” would cannonball into the pool and wash every contender away in a sea of youth, sunshine, reverb and call and response goodness. It’s that fucking good. But for all the euphoria Boulet’s music evokes one thing makes me soul-destroyingly sad. The dude’s just 21 years old. Way to kill my self worth or any sense of accomplishment I’ve experienced in my life thus far Jonathon.

Modular promises a self-titled debut album by year’s end so watch this space.