Puppers Remain Missing From Townsville Shelter After Drongo Let ‘Em Loose

Congratulations, Townsville: you are the proud home of Australia’s most misguided animal liberationists. 

The city’s RSPCA Adoption Centre reports that some absolute dropkicks actually broke in and unleashed 31 dogs from their enclosures overnight. 

Staff arrived at the centre to find the doors flung wide open, and staff are understandably livid. Spokesman Michael Beatty said it was the work of “some idiot” who seemingly didn’t know “it’s just a totally irresponsible thing to do.”
At time of writing, 22 of the dogs have been retrieved, while the rest are unaccounted for. In a post on Facebook, a volunteer listed the names and microchip numbers of the remaining loose puppers. And seriously – a couple of them are actual babies:

9 DOGS STILL UNACCOUNTED FORI will post their names microchip numbers in the comments on each dog. All dogs have been…

Posted by Rspca Adoption Centre Townsville on Saturday, 26 March 2016

All of the released dogs were awaiting adoption; heart-wrenchingly, the centre’s assistant manager Jacinta Wight told ABC they hoped to find homes for all 31 over this long weekend.

Police are currently investigating the matter. Until they find the gormless spuds behind this nonsense, residents have been urged to keep an eye out in the surrounding suburbs of Shaw and Bohle.

If you see any of ’em around the place, give the centre a ring on 0415 385 618, yeah?

Source: ABC. 
Photo: RSPCA Adoption Centre Townsville / Facebook.