PSA: If You Haven’t Received Your SSM Postal Survey Yet, Let ‘Em Know ASAP

Today is the official last day of the initial post-out segment of the Australian government’s postal survey on same-sex marriage, meaning if you get home tonight and it still hasn’t arrived in your mailbox you need to take some action ASAP, please and thank you.

As of today you can request a replacement postal survey form be sent to your address if, for any valid reason, you require one (you accidentally ripped yours, you have a dodgy postie who left it in the rain, it mysteriously just never showed up etc.).

All you need to do is head to this specific site here, and have with you your driver’s licence or passport to use as verification of your identity.

Whilst we can all agree this national discussion on a sector of our population’s human rights is a crock of shit, we really, really have to win this motherfucker so P.TV urges you to make sure everyone in your household/family/friend group has their say.

And in case you haven’t been paying attention to us, the obvious, most logical, kindest “say” is to tick the box marked ‘Yes’.

Additionally, overseas Australians who have already nominated an international address with the AEC, can now use the 16-digit code they have received in the mail, to access the online version of the survey here.

Depending on where you are in the world (and the quality of the postal service there) you may or may not have received your code in the mail yet and the ABS hotline has an international number if you’re concerned about yours which is +61 2 6252 5262.

As they say it ain’t over till the drag queen sings, so even if you have mailed off your ‘Yes’ vote, ask around and if someone says they never got their survey in the mail, you now know where to send them.