Ppl Are Putting Out Their Passports To Gleefully Send Off Malcolm Roberts

It’s finally happened, folks: the long-running absurdist saga of Malcolm Roberts‘ tenure as Senator has come to a humiliating close. Today, the High Court found that Roberts and five other Federal politicians (including Barnaby Joyce lol) all possessed dual citizenship at the time of their elections, and summarily booted them from parliament.

Frankly it’s wonderful, and the glee surrounding Roberts’ departure in particular is palpable.

In fact, the good people of Online have begun a very special hashtag just for Ole Malc: #putoutyourpassports.

Like Tony‘s onions and Jarrod‘s pot plants before him, Malcolm Roberts, the extremely weird unit who managed to sneak into politics on the back of a mere 77 votes, the guy who’s spouted more conspiracy theories and garbled drivel than even his incompetent puppeteer Pauline Hanson, has his own memorial movement.


Initially the torch was carried only by dual-citizenship wielders. However, the catch-cry was quickly taken up even by us impoverished single citizens, proving that acting scornfully towards disgraced politicians is the great equaliser.


And beyond the hashtag, obviously there’s just some good old-fashioned piss-taking. Because this is the bloke who said NASA was making climate change up and to be entirely honest he completely deserves every last bit of ribbing he gets.





Fucken bye, you braindead gronk. Go home and put your passport, and yourself, out – all the way out INTO THE BIN.