LOL OK: Malcolm Roberts Is “Choosing To Believe” He’s Not A UK Citizen

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the politicians of Australia, as a wave of panic surrounding section 44 of the constitution has swept three MPs out of parliament and onto the rocks of their dual citizenship (miss you, Scott & Larissa. Best of luck to your Mum, Canavan.)
One pollie refusing to be dragged out by the tide, however, is Malcolm Roberts, the infamously daft Queensland One Nation senator. 
Despite the fact that Roberts was born in India to a Welsh father, and previously travelled on a British passport, a spokesperson for the senator told media today that Roberts is “choosing to believe that he was never British“. 
“He is preferring to believe that he was never British because he has no allegiance or exercised any citizenship arrangement.”
Well. In that case, I guess it’s settled?

According to his spokespeople, Roberts renounced “any” dual citizenship he might have had (cagey) in June last year – but as the SMH reports, he’s regularly told the media that he’s “never held any other citizenship other than his Australian citizenship“. Having this pointed out has resulted in resounding cries of FAKE NEWS, because of course it has. 

He’s appearing on Sky News tonight to clear the whole sorry business up, and we will be very keenly watching. 

Source: SMH
Image: Facebook / Malcolm Roberts.