Police Bomb Squad Shut Down A QLD Kmart After Suspicious Package Found

Bomb Squad officials are investigating a suspicious package found by a customer inside a Queensland K-Mart, which caused the store to be hastily evacuated.
Police have locked down the shopping centre in Caboolture (north of Brisbane) after the package was found in a change room at around 9:20am.
Streets surrounding the area have been blocked off and police have advised members of the public to avoid the area entirely.
A police spokesperson described the suspect package as being “some sort of box or package” that reportedly had wires sticking out of it. The Explosive Ordnance Response Team was subsequently called in to investigate the discovery.

One shop owner in the centre reported a chaotic scene after being told to evacuate by a cleaner.

“He came in saying, ‘get out, get out. No seriously, you need to get out’, and then it came on over the PA telling us to evacuate.”

“Kmart’s doors were already shut when we came out… everyone had to leave their trolleys where they were.”

“I don’t know if it was anything, but I guess they’ve got to do what they’ve got to do just in case.”

The area remains closed to the public as police continue their investigation.

Source: Courier Mail.
Photo: Mylee Hogan/Twitter.