PODCAST: Celebrate Valentine’s Day With M8s & Keep That Choccy For Yourself

Look, we know that this time of the year can be a bit of a bummer for a lotta folk. It’s hard enough listening to your loved-up mates gush about how happy they are, especially if you’re recently single, but the bombardment of red and pink hearts on every shop window is a lot.

But there is light on that horizon, because with V Day comes Galentine’s Day. It’s a time for you to come together with all your mates to celebrate the friendships that make life bearable (generally over some cocktails because let’s be honest, why the heck not?).

We chatted all things Galentine’s Day and friendships on the latest ep of Decoding The Modern World, Galentine’s Day & The Power Of Friendships.

Our 10/10 legend of a host, Stacey June, is joined by PEDESTRIAN.TV staffers Kath and Matty to chat about all the types of pals you have and why friendship is so important.

Now look, I’m the blunt friend. I know this and it’s gotten me into trouble before – but if my gal pals want a straight answer, I’m always the one to go to. And everyone who’s anyone has that one ‘party friend’ – you know the one I’m talking about, right?

But no matter if they’re the friend who sneakily watches everything in the group chat but doesn’t actually message, or the pal who would drop everything just to come give you a hug, these friendships are a must-have.

We’re talking ride-or-die gal pals who roast you for your hilariously awkward decisions and whinge about their love lives to you (and tell you to put your crush in the bin when they’ve been naughty), but will absolutely be there for you no matter what.

Our advice? Gather ’em all around and take them to see What Men Want, in cinemas now (check session times and grab your tix here).

Besides, you may never understand what your friends are talking about sometimes, but they’ve got your back no matter what. So take your mates’ advice: celebrate both Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day with the people who love ya, you big cutie.