PODCAST: If You’re Ready To Give Up Dating In 2019, You Wanna Listen To This

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Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Have you spent countless hours grumbling and wishing you could read the minds of your boyfriend/brother/dad/male boss – basically any dude ever? If only we could decipher their thoughts, actions and reactions and use this to our advantage (for good of course). Insert boss lady Ali Davis, played by Taraji P. Henson, who stars in the hilarious new flick What Men Want.

In the movie, Ali winds up with the ridic ability to hear men’s thoughts, so naturally she uses it to take on the boys’ club that is the basketball business – and to go on a few cheeky dates where she has the upper hand. It’s in cinemas on Valentine’s Day, but in the meantime we’ve created a little something to help the modern-day woman understand the complicated male species and our ‘relationships’ with them.

Jumping off the themes of this new film, we’ve created a podcast about our 21st century lives, Decoding the Modern World, and the first ep’s a corker: Dating in the Modern World.

You know that friend of yours who always has a new story about a bloke they’re seeing? The one who always pines over every detail, insisting they unpack each text and interaction? Yes, that friend.

We’re trying to help that mate with this podcast. Hosted by Stacey June, one half of The Thinkergirls and founder of Single Pringle – an initiative helping single peeps stop wasting their lives mulling over their relationship status and what the opposite sex is thinking and feeling.

June, joined by Chantelle from PEDESTRIAN.TV and her roommate Jules, is trying to unpack it all – ghosting, the DM-slide, and whether it’s okay to date multiple people at once.

And we get a little bit of a male perspective on it all, thanks to our producer Matt. It becomes super clear, super quickly that what we believe men are thinking doesn’t necessarily align with what’s actually on their minds. Can you imagine what we’d do if we really knew what was going on in their heads? Women would be unstoppable.

Then we answer the question at the top of everyone’s minds: in this new world of dating apps and an endless array of potential partners, are single gals fucked (and not in a good way)?

There’s some real differing opinions about dating IRL, ‘chill girls’, whether we’ve got a harder go of it than our parents, and if we might just be too self-absorbed to find a partner at all (yikes).

If you’re looking for a movie to catch with your girlfriends where you’ll be laughing so much you can’t even begin to dwell on that guy who won’t text you back, may we suggest you catch What Men Want? It’s in cinemas everywhere on February 14.

Get yourself down to one of the special night-before screenings on February 13 (#Galentines) or check it out in cinemas from February 14. Click here for session times and tix.