Plucky Camel Takes A Quick Tour Of Darwin After Escaping The Circus

The age-old trope is that people dream of running away to join the circus, but one of our humpy mates up north has demonstrated running away from the circus can be just as liberating.

Northern Territory Police took to Facebook yesterday eve to inform residents a runaway camel had been apprehended, after it bolted up and down a few streets in Darwin. 
The dromedary escapee fled Circus Royale on Bagot Road on Monday arvo, and proceeded to gallop its way through some of the day’s busiest traffic. 
Fortunately, old mate wasn’t harmed, and its presence only served to confuse the hell out of nearby drivers. 
Your furry friendo then made its way onto a nearby RAAF golf course, where members of the circus were then able to secure it. 
It’s not immediately apparent how the camel escaped, but a photo posted by the cops demonstrates that not all parties were stoked on the recapture. 


Please note the cops’ edit, there. Wonderful work all around from the NT on this one.
Source: ABC / NT Police.
Photo: @mh.l_stargram / Instagram.