Photography Hijacked – Documentary By Jack Pam

Photography Hijacked, a documentary film by Melbourne director Jack Pam, follows 12 photographers from Australia and America, exploring the unique processes and motivations of each artist as they cruise across various locations to capture their subject and explain their work.

The documentary will screen on ABC’s artscape program on the following dates:

18 May 2010 (10:00pm) – ABCTV 1 (artscape)
23 May 2010 (5:00pm) – ABCTV 1 (artscape)

Featuring Graham Miller, Dean Karr, Shen Wei, Jennifer Juniper Stratford, Sarah Small, Toni Wilkinson, Gareth Willis, Brad Rimmer, Amy Stein, Karron Bridges, Angela Boatwright and Bill Sullivan, the film is worth checking out for anyone with an interest in the process and art behind capturing still images – and an insight into the people that are good enough to do it for a living.

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Main image by Brad Rimmer