If you thought Australian politics couldn’t get any more bat shit crazy, take a seat because this video is about to make you want to throw your citizenship papers in the bin.

Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton is the star of a new rap video posted by SCD American Vehicles.

The video, which has now gone semi-viral for how fucking atrocious it is, features Dutton strutting into the carpark of SCD American Vehicles in Brisbane while DMX’s 2003 track “X Gon Give it to Ya” plays in the background.

I know what you’re thinking, what the actual fuck is this? And honestly, I don’t have the answers for you.

Yep, instead of dealing with important issues like the deportation of the Tamil family, Peter Dutton has decided to star in a fucking rap video. A man with priorities, I like it.

This is the first time the Home Affairs Minister has shown any interest in DMX, an American rapper who has a string of charges and jail stints for everything from drug charges to stealing a dog. Is Pete a secret rap fiend? We don’t know. Probably.

According to Eddie, the owner of SCD, the video is “not a parody or a joke”, 10 Daily reports. It may not be a parody, Eddie, but this is absolutely a big fucking joke.

“Most people hang s**t on Mr Dutton, but he’s actually a really good guy,” Eddie said.”We turned what would be a normal politician’s visit into a fun video. You go through our history on Facebook, that’s what we do. A lot of older companies are in this business, but we’re a young fresh company, so we made something interesting out of it. We were proud of him coming to our business.”

Yep, a fresh, young company that is using a not-very-good song from 2003 for their weird political advertisement. Sorry, but the early noughties called and they want their So Fresh Hits of Autumn 2003 CD back, “bro”.

The video also declares Peter Dutton as the “baddest MP”, which in hindsight probably isn’t the best campaign slogan. But Eddie cleared it up, reminding us that “baddest” is quite the compliment in the rap world. Thanks Eddie.

“By ‘baddest’, we mean that he’s not afraid to make the tough decisions,” the owner said.

The video has received nearly 200 comments since it went live on August 30, so uhhh I hope it at least increased business for them because it sure as hell made Dutton look like a fuckwit.

Image: SCD American Vehicles