Peter Dutton Went At QLD’s Border Closures For ‘Lack Of Compassion’ & Is This Kent For Real?

Peter Dutton, who with each passing day resembles a baked potato slow roasting in the oven at about 120, has had yet another ping at Queensland’s coronavirus border measures, saying they lack “compassion” in one of the all-time great pieces of missed self-awareness.

Dutton went on Today this morning to piss and moan about the Palaszczuk Government’s border measures, which currently sees most of New South Wales and all of Victoria subject to quarantine measures upon entering the state.

“There’s no consistency,” Dutton said. “There’s been no compassion,” he wailed. “There’s been no common sense in the approach of Annastacia Palaszczuk,” said the man personally responsible for overseeing Australia’s broader border policy, which currently includes detaining asylum seekers off-shore for years on end without any form of criminal charge or associated due process.

“I just think all of this is being done for politics on the eve of an election and that’s why people are upset. And if you’re sitting in traffic this morning waiting to get across the Queensland border to go and see a medical specialist or to go and see a loved one… you can be understandably angry about it,” Dutton barked, coming perilously close to realising the point.

It’s wild that Dutton is, only now when it benefits him, concerned about crossing borders for medical purposes. Even wilder that he’s citing “compassion” as a motivating reason.

Let’s not forget for a second that Dutton campaigned vigorously last year to have the Medevac bill repealed, because he wasn’t keen on Doctors being the ones to determine when an asylum seeker being held on Manus Island or Nauru required transport to Australia for medical treatment.

In a bid to secure the crucial crossbench vote of Jacqui Lambie, Dutton even went so far as to suggest that “the vast majority of [army] veterans would want us to abolish this law,” callously playing into Lambie’s status as an army veteran herself. Which is, ya know, something that was “being done for politics.”

You could realistically sit here all day and rattle off times that Dutton has exhibited non-compassionate behaviour towards people attempting to cross a border. It’s his hallmark. His trading card. The bullshit foundation of a near-tyrannical political career.

But in the more immediate sense it’s smarter – and certainly more economic – to simply ponder out loud: Does this cunt actually listen to the thing he says? Or did the sentient tapeworm controlling his brain close up his earholes this morning.

Some real food for thought there.