Presenting Pet Leotards, Which Can Apparently Help Furry Nervous Nellies

Like us humans, some animals are just intrinsically highly-strung. There’s prozac that you can get for your pets, but if you’re not into giving your little fluffer meds for their panicky nature, there’s another option that believes it’s helpful to keep animals calm. A pet-shaped leotard.

They’ve been around for a while, which means that there’s PLENTY of fantastic photos of good boys and girls online, wearing these leotards and looking delightfully awkward. Please see an example below:

The big stretchy dog onesie is called a Shed Defender, and it’s original purpose is to stop dogs from shedding their fur everywhere, instead catching all the dropped hair in the leotard. It’s also built to keep allergens and dirt to a minimum in the house, keep your pup protected from bugs, ticks, and other outside nasties, and acts as an extra layer of warmth in the colder months – essentially like putting your dog in a dog-sized bag.

If your pup is on the stressed-out, high-anxiety side of things, then the doggo leotard is apparently also very good at calming down het-up pups. Because the whole thing fits quite snugly, pups feel like they’re being held. It’s like one of those weighted blankets, but for dogs.

The Shed Defender is also helpful for pups who need to be protected from themselves after a surgery or vets visit, because a colourful lycra morphsuit is absolutely less embarrassing than the dreaded cone of shame.

Anyway, please enjoy all these sweet babies definitely not hating their humans for putting them in a big stretchy thing.

And if you’re extremely daring and willing to risk your life/probably sleep with one eye open, chuck one on your cat.