People Are Sharing Stories Of Extreme Kindness From Strangers & It’s V Pure

It’s a gloomy, ghastly, piece of shit world out there, folks. Bad things lurk with every strike of the refresh key or turn of a page in a newspaper. But while the night really is dark and full of terrors, occasionally it’s wise to remind yourself that people are, by and large, nice and good.

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A Twitter thread started earlier this morning by Brooklyn-based author Rachael Berkley sought to do just that by chasing up stories of people’s encounters with complete strangers that have shown them the utmost kindness and generosity, often in times of need.

The stories that it yielded are borderline-overwhelming, but definitely exhibit the absolute best of people that exists only in the seemingly smallest of circumstances; whether it’s a friendly shoulder or a cold beer, or even a literal lift down a mountain after copping a gnarly injury.

Berkley’s original story was the tiniest of gestures from a friendly cab driver.

From there, it only got more heartwarming.

Wholesome. Too bloody wholesome and good.

There’s an ocean of other stories in the replies of that thread if this lot alone isn’t enough to embiggen the ole’ ticker just a little bit.

Good for the soul, stuff like this. Remember to pay it forward.