Renegade Penguins Removed From NZ Sushi Shop By Cops Return Just Hours Later

Penguins on the loose.

Penguins are not subject to the laws of man. Having no knowledge of human laws or capacity with which to conduct themselves in the legal system, they exist essentially above the law. What I’m saying is: You cannot charge a penguin with trespassing. You could not charge a pair of penguins with trespassing even if they had already been removed from that location by police, as in the case of these two:

As the Wellington District Police described in a Facebook post, those two flightless renegades were removed from a hiding place underneath Sushi Bi near Wellington Station early in the morning yesterday. One of the penguins was already known to police, having been removed from another location and returned to the water on Saturday night.

Not fearing any sort of recriminations for police and having no respect for authority granted to them only by a societal consensus of which they are not part, the penguins decided to hightail it right back to the sushi shop.

The penguins were removed once again, with the Department of Conservation telling Radio NZ that they would be monitoring the site again just in case the incredibly tenacious birds decide to make a crack for it again.

While it might seem like they keep going back for some of that delicious sushi fish, it seems more like that they considered it to be a nice nesting location, as they had repeatedly positioned themselves in a location underneath a warm air vent.

Godspeed you! Black egg-layer.