School Serves Up Mini ‘Demolish Yr Own Stadium’ Pavlovas On Election Day

Election Day

As the people of New South Wales hit the polling booths on this election day, the beloved democracy sausage awaited them. Hundreds have taken to social media to share the treat but one particular school really stepped things up.

[jwplayer QOfbty7N]

Over at Camdenville Public School in Newtown,the crew served up themed cakes which included the mini Gladys Berry-lick-your-chin half demolished stadium pavlova and the Michael Dately Almond Balls served in a bamboo steamer, complete with chopsticks which we’re sure he’d appreciate after his lovely words about Asian immigrants. For local favourite, we had Jenny LeScones available and a Penny Sharpe Cake – with a garnish of broken sugar glass.

If you need a refresher, the controversial demolition works on Allianz Stadium are a go and has been a thorn in Premier Gladys Berejiklian‘s side with local community groups denouncing the project.


MEANWHILE, a Ryde local tried to chow down 18 (!!!) democracy sausages at 18 different polling booths. Sadly, he only got to 10 before the polling booths shut up shop.

A video of Cameron Last with Ryde Liberal MP Victor Dominello was posted to Facebook, earlier today.

“I targeted 18 sausages because that was the amount that was happening around my local area,” the 14-year-old told The Sydney Morning Herald. 

“I’m feeling pretty good,” he added. “I don’t feel sick and haven’t thrown up.”

You do you, mate.

And now, for some more democracy sausages.



As it stands, the polls indicate it’ll be a very tight race between the Coalition and Labor with counting underway, the ABC reports.

This morning, Berejiklian cast her vote at Willoughby Public School in Sydney’s north shore.

“NSW deserves a strong and stable government, if you look at our government compared to others around the country, we’ve done a good job at being strong and stable,” she told the media.

Opposition leader Daley cast his vote at Chifley Public School in the city’s eastern suburbs.

“This is the day the people of NSW get to take their lives back after eight years of chaotic government,” he said.