Pauline Hanson Stupidly Asked For Examples Of ‘Anti-White Racism’ & Everyone Delivered

Pauline Hanson has taken to Twitter tonight to ask for examples of “anti-white racism” after Twitter users called for her account to be removed.

Yep, Pauline is back on her reverse racism bullshit once again.

[jwplayer CwUqv6Y6]

Obviously, Twitter users wasted no time giving their “examples” of anti-white racism. And boy oh boy was it spicy.

Ahh, isn’t Twitter a wonderful thing? Now politicians don’t need TV or radio airtime to spew their thoughts into the world. Pauline Hanson can make a complete fool of herself in a matter of seconds from the comfort of her own home.

We’ve got no shortage of dumb things Pauline Hanson has said this year, but this time we’ve got a whole pile of hilarious responses that are all neatly packaged in a single Twitter thread.

As a white person, I can vouch for all of the horrendous things I’ve had to endure in my truly oppressed life. It’s a tough gig and these tweets really exemplify the anti-white racism Pauline is talking about. Honestly, as I sit here eating my mayonnaise and unseasoned chicken sandwich on white bread I am truly offended that nobody appreciates my culture.

Racism in movie titles.

Getting mistaken for Dr Chris Brown, which happens to me all the time.

Sometimes my white parents are even racist towards me. How dare they not want to lend me money for another investment property. RACISTS! Racists everywhere!

And here are a few that are just too good for words.

PSA: Reverse racism isn’t a thing. Don’t be that guy. Don’t be Pauline.