Pauline Hanson Got Her Own Bday Wrong In The Senate & Acted Like It Was Everyone Else’s Fault

Pauline Hanson

One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson is a very confused lady. Now it sounds as if she can’t even remember her own damn birthday.

Hanson on Thursday moved an amendment that would increase the limit on superannuation contributions that people 67 and over can make. Coincidentally, Hanson herself is 67 years old. Very cool.

“Just because you’re 67 and you’re of a retirement age – which I am proud to say, I am 67 years of age, and I turned 67 yesterday,” Hanson said in her trademark disjointed shreik.

It seems pretty fishy, right? Introducing an amendment that would benefit people aged 67 and over a day after your 67th birthday. That’s why Labor Senator Murray Watt called her out about it.

“I’d like to begin by wishing Senator Hanson a happy birthday. I didn’t actually realise it was your birthday yesterday, Senator Hanson,” he said.

“That even further explains your actions in moving this amendment. When I spoke on this last night I realised that you were 67 and that that was the reason you were trying to move a tax benefit for people who are 67 or older.

“What I didn’t realise was that you were moving the amendment to benefit 67-year-olds on the day you turned 67. That is ingenious!

“How long did you spend working out how you could manipulate the system to give yourself a pay rise on your birthday? I’ve heard of a lot of people out there who like to buy themselves a birthday present on their birthday because they’re not sure what they’re going to get.”

The problem is, Hanson’s birthday wasn’t yesterday. Her birthday is in fact on May 27. Either way, she’s still a Gemini.

“Misrepresentation: Senator Watt said I’ve circulated this on my birthday,” Hanson quickly said in response to getting called out.

“My birthday was last month, this [amendment] was not circulated on my birthday, so it’s basically misrepresentation, telling a lie.”

That’s when Temporary Chair Glenn Sterle stepped in to point out that Hanson had literally just said that her birthday was yesterday. Hanson then claimed she never said such a thing.

“Yesterday was not my birthday, so you are wrong, I’m sure you’ve realised that. My birth… and I said… in it… was… my birthday was last month,” Hanson attempted to say.

It is honestly so hard to transcribe her rants sometimes.

Nevertheless, the video footage doesn’t lie. You can’t brag about your birthday being yesterday, and then say it was actually last month once it’s not longer convenient.

Ultimately, Hanson wasn’t even present in the Senate when it was time to move amendments. But it just goes to show what a deeply cooked unit Pauline Hanson is, if the racism wasn’t enough of a giveaway.