Oz Is Getting ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ 48 Goddamn Days After Everyone Else

We’re not sure about you, but after reading this news, we are DANG FURIOUS. 
Turns out Australia is gonna be getting ‘The LEGO Batman Movie‘ a whoooooooole 48 days after the rest of the world.
Village Roadshow did this exact thing with the OG ‘The LEGO Movie’, and co-CEO Graham Burke said he sure as hell wouldn’t be doing it again. 
The Australian piracy of the film ending up costing them approximately $3.5 – 5 million.
Of the decision to release ‘The LEGO Movie‘ 54 days after the US, Burke said:
“We made one hell of a mistake with LEGO.

We’ll now make all our movies day in date with the US. I know 20th Century Fox are and Universal are too.”
Because (once again for emphasis) Australia gets ‘The LEGO Batman Movie‘ FORTY-EIGHT DAMN DAYS LATE. 

This is not okay. 
And what’s even more not okay, is that the film was bloody well created here in Australia by Animal Logic (the OG ‘The LEGO Movie’ was too). 
And now, an accurate parodical impression of Village Roadshow
“Oh, sorry is that an open wound? Yep, if you’d just pop over so we can rub this giant handful of salt in there, that’d be fab. Thanks so much.”
Source: Gizmodo.
Photo: The LEGO Batman Movie.