WATCH: New ‘LEGO Batman’ Teaser Somehow Proves It’s The Least OTT Batfilm

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice has been widely derided as a lumbering oaf of a movie, bogged down by the cultural clout of its titular characters. That’s what makes the new teaser trailer for The Lego Batman Movie so bloody great, ’cause it simply does not care. 

Not only is Will Arnett an inspired choice to play Bats, the latest footage sees a minifigured Alfred justify the film’s silly, silly existence by contrasting the blocky animation against Zack Snyder’s gritty take, Christopher Nolan’s grittier take, George Clooney’s nippy take and… Adam West’s Adam West-y take. 

In short, this looks like a bloody movie that seems to hit upon all of Bruce Wayne’s crucial plot-points, while recognising he’s not exclusively a brooding Ben Affleck beefcake. Even if the reviews for the latest DC Comics blockbuster have been Gigli-esque, rest assured Batman is probably in capable, plastic-moulded hands with this one: