One Nation QLD Copping It For Bizarre MRA-Run Domestic Violence BBQ

Just a day after the cringiest press conference interview of all time, in which it was revealed that Queensland One Nation candidate Mark Thornton owns a sex shop that’s been posting some extremely off-colour shit on Facebook, One Nation is again facing scrutiny.

The Facebook post that attracted the most attention was one that proclaimed, “Good sex should be in the grey area between ‘tickle fight’ and domestic violence” – so it’s almost of poetic that the party’s latest gaffe is along the same lines. Almost.

Today, ousted One Nation senator and candidate for Ipswich Malcolm Roberts held a “family” barbecue, ostensibly as an opportunity to raise awareness for domestic violence.

However, the people running the barbecue were the Australian Brotherhood of Fathers and a group called #endallDV, both of whom have been criticised for being men’s rights activism organisations – the ABF in particular have come under fire for reportedly encouraging men to commit suicide as a means of protest.

Several Queensland Council of Union members showed up at the event to confront Roberts about One Nation’s domestic violence policies, which appear to have been heavily influenced by the ABF’s ideologies. Obviously it did not go super well, as you can see from the video courtesy 9 News below.

It’s yet another bizarre chapter in a totally bizarre saga; one that’s seen One Nation go from fuckup to fuckup over the course of nearly twenty years and appear to never learn from their mistakes – not even once.

Watch footage of the extremely disconcerting confrontation below, and take a moment to let a little bit of your soul die when the bloke in the orange shirt says “Show me the data where it doesn’t come from.” The future of Australian politics is bleak indeed.