Offset Just Crashed Cardi B’s Set W/ A Shitload Of Roses & Dude, Give It A Rest

cardi b offset crashing set roses

Offset! Dude! Stop! You are embarrassing everyone!

In case you missed it, rap royalty Cardi B and her rumoured-to-be unfaithful husband Offset split up last week, as announced in a very matter of fact and very nude video posted to Cardi’s Instagram.

Since then, Offset appears to have suddenly realised that being single is boring and lonely, and has been begging Cardi to take him back – first via Twitter, then via a heartfelt Instagram video, and now by the legitimately cringeworthy decision to gatecrash Cardi’s set at Rolling Loud with a whole florist worth of roses spelling “TAKE ME BACK CARDI“. And, as Vulture points out, he had a microphone! WHY did someone give him a microphone?!

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Like… my guy. Did you miss the memo that grand romantic gestures pretty much only work in 80s movies? Seeing this in real life is extremely uncomfortable and everyone feels both sorry for and mad at you!

Fortunately someone in the crowd managed to document the debacle, which means we can see from Cardi’s body language exactly how much she hated it. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Yeah, she fucken hates it.

Let us just remind everyone as well that the reason Cardi dumped the bloke is because he was messing around with other girls – he even admitted to “entertaining” another chick in his pitiful video begging her to take him back. Considering she only gave birth to their first child, Kulture, a few months ago, this is an extra dog move – and now he reckons he can win her back by interrupting her at work with a shitload of inconvenient (and ugly) flowers?

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Please, Cardi, do this one thing for me and every other woman who’s been cheated on: do NOT take that guy back.