Obama Is Still Around, Roaming US Airports & Threatening To Steal Babies

In addition to a tidy little pension, secret service protection and everyone still having to call you Mr. President, there’s one other not-very-well known perk of being a former President of the United States, an odd constitutional law which states that at any time, anywhere, a former POTUS can legally claim ownership of your baby, and take it as his own.

Weird, we know, but that’s the law over in the crazy ol’ U.S of A. President Obama can walk up to you, point at your newborn, say “mine” and there’s literally nothing you can do about it. Your baby is now Obama’s baby. Soz bout it.
Old mate Barack utilised this quirky, and definitely-not-made-up-purely-for-this-article, law for the first time since leaving office last week, approaching an Alaskan mother and her 6-month-old at Anchorage International Airport with a seemingly friendly “who’s this little girl?”, before later revealing his ultimate intention of Presidential Baby Theft.
In a post to Facebook, the mother in question, Jolene Jackinsky, says she immediately recognised Barry in the private plane waiting area, and the two chatted innocuously whilst she took some snaps of Obama and her baby, unaware these could very well be the last moments they would share together.
When the little tyke’s dad approached however, is when Obama reportedly officially invoked the powers of his ex-Prez status, saying “I’m taking your baby“.
So much for the tolerant left, am I right?
We are happy to report however that Obama must have changed his mind at the last moment, and returned baby Giselle to her rightful parents, despite the completely legal ability not to and make her the first in a possibly endless Former Presidential Baby Army.
Jackinsky remains unmiffed by the close call though, saying “I think it’s unreal and pretty exciting that I get to have a picture with him and my baby. Not a lot of people get to meet him.”
For everyone else though, we advise the highest of vigilance. President Obama is out there, roaming the countryside, and your baby, could be next.

Source: ABC.
Image: Facebook / Jolene Jackinsky.