WATCH: Obama Finally Roasts Himself & His Mad Ciggy Cravings After Office

Oh, did you think US President Barack Obama’s zingers were done after his mic-dropping final appearance at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner? Really?

If anything, his ‘fucks to give’ level has now actually crashed below zero, as evidenced by this incredibly not-stately clip, pumped out in light of his imminent ousting. In animated form:

You want riffs on his birth certificate? Done. Diamond Joe Biden? Done. Mum jeans? Oh, hell yeah, friendo. Look, Christ, he even debates punching a darb with his IRL mortal enemy John Boehner, ’cause Michelle is out at SoulCycle. Really.

Honestly, it’s this kinda shit that can make a dude in charge of drone strikes seem, well, human, and we’ll miss it. Check out the POTUS with the mostest below:

Source: The White House / Twitter. 
Photo: Twitter.