NZ’s PM Just V. Politely Laid Into Turnbull For Refusing Her Refugee Offer

New Zealand‘s new prime minister, the absolute firecracker known as Jacinda Ardern, has finally gone the fuck in – politely – on Malcolm Turnbull for his disastrous handling of the crisis unfolding on Manus Island.

She told reporters this morning that she wants to have a proper meeting with Turnbull to discuss why exactly he refused New Zealand’s offer to take 150 of the 400 refugees currently languishing inside the shut-down facility on Manus.

We made the offer because we saw a great need. No matter what label you put on it there is absolute need and there is harm being done.

I see the human face of this and I see the need and the role New Zealand needs to play. I think it’s clear that we don’t see what’s happening there as acceptable, that’s why the offer’s there.

She also said that New Zealand does not plan to directly pursue a deal with Papua New Guinea, saying that it was much faster to organise a transfer with Australia.

It continues to be the easiest option is to go through Australia given the screening that’s already occurred of those refugees … I’m interested in the fastest route.

Ardern, who at 37 is NZ’s youngest prime minister in 130 years, has already lit a sizeable fire under New Zealand politics, and is clearly willing to spread that across the Tasman.

Keep it coming, Jacinda. We need someone like you.